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Bex NJ is Rebecca ("Bex") and "J" Convolutevex. Just kidding....that's not really our last name. We've played music most of our lives, and at times we have lived and breathed it - from jamming with friends to singing in church all the way to playing in a Detroit rock band - we've done it. Currently we are writing, recording, producing and distributing our music all by our hedonistic little selves.....But putting out our music is not the main reason we're here. Oh NO, NO, NO. A few years ago we had the rug pulled out from under us when we found out that we are actually here on a Mission from God. Yup just like the Blues Brothers.... only for real. We won't disclose just yet how we found out but suffice it to say "Holy freakin SHIT!" Anyway, we are not Jesus freaks, Mormon Missionaries, Monks, or even New Age Cultists (although that has to be a trip, eh?). What we are here to do is disseminate information, the truth about human existence that is. Not the truth as told to you by your parents, religious leaders, or politicians - but the real truth, the scary truth, the truth that humans are finally ready for (at least most people in God's realm believe they are).

So imagine living a life of reckless abandon, decadence and debauchery and then one day you wake up and are told that you're not here to have a good time, party, and be happy - you agreed to come here to help fix up the help Earth's tenants understand their place and learn the truth about their past and where they fit in. So here we are...
So how are we going to accomplish this massive undertaking? Well we are definitely going to focus our message on the youth of the world because they have not been here long enough to be irrevocably brainwashed by the religious, political, and learning institutions which have been completely corrupted by those people who are trying to exploit Earth for it's many resources; not to mention the fact that they are the ones inheriting our future. So we are going to use music, humor, and straightforward language to reach those people who will be tasked with rebuilding Earthly society after it has been torn down (and it WILL be torn down). So we are going to fill the cybersphere with what's really going on...blogs, tweets, forums, you name it. A good place to start is on our "Life" page (as in meaning of...) and our Blog "Childhood's End" . From there you can either take a look and decide that its bullshit, or you can follow your God-given curiosity and see what else we have to tell you. It's that simple. Have a nice ride...

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