Bex NJ - The Adventures of Nothing Girl
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Jade - The Adventures of Nothing Girl

She'll Rock You Like a Mild Tropical Depression

Jade is Bex's high school-aged alter ego. Neurotic, insecure, and obsessive-compulsive to a fault, Jade stumbles thru life unaware of her natural yet hidden beauty. She's smart, talented, and a bit submissive.

Her natural enemy is of course the popular crowd who glide thru life fueled by society's superficial adoration of "good looks". They flirt their way thru school as if they have every human of the male gender wrapped around their tender, perfectly-manicured little pinky.

But Jade knows the truth - that it's people like her and her weird little friend Troy who ultimately run the world once they are adults.

Oh yeah I forgot, Jade's also a bit of a smart-ass. So she sits back and attacks with her wit when the timing is just right.

huh huhuh huh....dumbasses....

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