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Guess what everybody?
It's time for humans to get WOKE. For centuries now our civilization has been guided by stories from ancient texts that have very little if any proven authenticity. The Bible, the Quran, the Vedas, among others, are all religious texts that are highly regarded by people of faith yet they have little documentation as to the actual origin of the words within. You would think that if people intended to use a religious text as a user manual for life that they would like to at least verify the origin of the texts would you not? Even IF these writings were handed down or inspired by God how would you know that the ideas set forth in them are the actual truths and not just some overly-simplified stories given to a young race just as we as parents tell our children that they were dropped off to us by a long-legged bird with a pointy beak? WE do this because we know that small children are not yet ready to handle the pungent details of sex, pregnancy and birth. So does it not seem reasonable that a creator would perform a similar undertaking?

Well the fact of the matter is that humans have finally reached puberty and they are ready to hear some of the gritty details left out in the books of old. Enjoy...

Meaning of Life FAQ

1. What's it all about in a nutshell?

2. So where do we go when we pass on?

3. So what is Lucifer's role in all this?

4. Where does organized religion fit in?

5. What's in store for the future?

Q1: What's it all about in a nutshell?

Hmmm....where to begin. OK so it's like this: Humans along with most of the higher animals on this planet are spiritual in nature in our true form. That is, most of the time during our existence we live in a state of energy (as opposed to the physical form we take here). God created all of us as beings with complete free-will to learn, love, and grow as we see fit. He also created the physical universe as a classroom to assist with the growth part. And yes, this physical universe is freakin' amazing. It is teaming with life in an almost infinite number of forms. And the main guiding force of this classroom is resource management. That's right - we, along with everyone else, come into this universe over and over (reincarnation) into a situation where there are just barely enough resources to meet each of our survival needs (oxygen, water, food, shelter, etc.). We then must decide how to allocate these resources in the best way we see fit to not just survive but thrive. Oh, and for a little extra credit work He also made the physical universe be a not-always-hospitable place to live. With earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, fires, and all the rest we are all assured enough drama to allow us to make the gut-wrenching decisions that help us all grow spiritually. And that's just while we're living on our home planet - just wait to see what awaits us when we are advanced enough to venture out beyond our own solar system and start intermingling with non-human dominant species. A good time awaits hehehe... Anyway, the point to this whole exercise is to try to find the best solution to creating and maintaining a society that tends to everyone's needs while also advancing technologically; because just as we as souls all evolve as we live our many lives, the societies we build also evolve thus providing new challenges and new solutions to age old problems. Of course there is no "one best answer" to this resource distribution puzzle. In fact there are close to as many solutions as there are civilizations in the universe even though some are bound to be better than others. The key is to find answers that do as little harm to other living beings and the environment as possible while ensuring the health and well-being of all.

Q2: So where do we go when we pass on?

Ah yes....the answer everyone is dying to know (a little God humor for ya). So the good news is that there is no place called "Hell"; the bad news is that Satan a.k.a. Lucifer does exist - and he's quite the little devil. But in general, everyone goes back over to where we really live after we die - that place that we naively call "Heaven". And yes compared to our physical existence it is certainly paradise but we definitely don't float around on clouds listening to harp music or kneel down in front of God on a daily basis - there's work to be done. And a lot of that work has to do with planning your next trip to Earth (or some other planet) as well as assisting those loved ones that are still back here. And yes we are aware that humans will have a hard time dealing with the idea that their daughter's killer is going to the same place AS their daughter after humans execute him but you know what? We all have to get over it. That criminal incarnated on Earth knowing full well that he was going to be a reviled killer just as the young lady he murdered knew that her life was going to end violently. All the major events of our lives are planned out and agreed to by us before we come back over here. So the bottom line is that we are all here to learn and there was a reason that Jesus so emphatically tried to convince people NOT TO JUDGE. Comprende?

Q3: So what is Lucifer's role in all this?

Well first of all it's important to note that in the larger scheme of things there really is no "Good" or "Evil"; that's just too simplistic a concept for this magnificent universe. There is however "Selfishness" vs. "Selflessness" and "Greed" vs. "Charity" and "Callousness" vs. "Empathy". I think it's pretty obvious which traits God would prefer you to pursue. So as we said earlier, this physical life and universe is all about realizing that there's not enough resources to go around to allow every being to live a life of luxury and pleasure. Properly managed though there are enough resources available to allow each being to get through life without a major struggle IF those assets are distributed equitably. But as we've witnessed over the first several centuries of the existence of the young species known as humans that we would rather fight, kill, plunder, control, and steal the available resources so that a few people at the top of the human pyramid can have luxury and power. It is a truly sad state of affairs and yet humans are not totally to blame for this mess. There has been, and always will be outside influence. And most of this influence comes from Lucifer himself as well as many non-human beings who have fallen under his control (an important topic best left to another time). As Christian religion portrays (yes, even some organized religions get the facts straight sometimes), Lucifer was an angel that worked closely with God in the creation and maintenance of the universe. However his vanity got the better of him and he decided that he could do everything our creator could do and do it better (of course he is obviously wrong about this). So he and a slew of other disgruntled employees (fallen angels) decided to split from the company and have a go of it for themselves. And ever since that fateful day Lucifer and his buddies have been going around tempting beings on many, many different planets to be selfish, greedy and the like with varying degrees of success. His power lies in the fact that what he is selling is exactly what is desired deep down in the hearts of most physical beings. That is: wealth and power over others. Of course nothing happens in this universe without God knowing about it and/or devising it. So even though Lucifer (and his pride-swollen head) THINKS that he is rebelling against God and his creation he is actually playing into God's hands by providing additional temptations for physical beings to try to overcome on the road to becoming the perfect being (or at least 99.99999% perfect - I'm an engineer so I know that nothing is ever fully perfect :-)

Q4:Where does organized religion fit in?

Religions emerged as a way for early man to explain the many things happening in their world which they didn't understand. They attributed the existence of fire to the fire gods and wind to the wind gods and so on and so forth. This eventually turned into collections of anecdotes and stories handed down from generation to generation. These stories also found their way to different parts of the world and, as they travelled, the stories were modified and interjected with historical truths and half-truths all the while retaining their original underlying concepts. Once humanity had advanced enough to begin gathering in cities, many of the more "ambitious" humans began creating formal collections of people that shared common beliefs. Of course the originators of these groups presided over their congregations and began to realize that this was a great way to make a living while quenching their thirst for power at the same time. Interestingly though almost every budding religion had one or more stories pertaining to beings coming down out of the sky to impart knowledge and guidance. Of course these stories have been interpreted by modern society in different ways depending on the internal belief systems of the person viewing the information. Scientists tend to think that these are just fairy tales, those of a religious bent believe that these visitors were messengers from God (angels), while those with conspiracy-based ideas think that they were all visitors from another planet or realm. However, as with most things in life, the real truth was not simple enough to distill down to just one of these answers. The correct answer is that all 3 of these scenarios have taken place. The fact that these important events have been included in the official doctrine of all of the major world religions has only served to muddy the waters and make their actual occurrence be subject to doubt and often ridicule. In fact as a matter of record most of the visits by non-angelic beings have been part of an attempt by non-terrestrial beings, that are also taking part in this universal resource management exercise, to impose a form of control over humans so that they may be more easily exploited for earthly resources. As such they have succeeded in corrupting the message of REAL divine beings who have come here, such as Jesus. Additionally, as our scientific understanding of the world around us has grown, religion has become less and less important to our modern society. Not to mention the fact that organized religions have generally become vehicles for devious humans to make money and exert their own form of control over others by emphasizing silly dogmatic practices over true recognition of our spiritual nature. In fact I am willing to bet that at some point in the near future, when this site is more widely viewed, that many of the those who call themselves Christians will denigrate this website because of the fire flickering in the background: "See I told you they were agents of Satan". Well, graze on, my happy sheep...we actually put the fire there cuz it looks cool - so there! Anyway it is for these reasons we see adherence to Earth's organized religions as an endeavor in which the negatives outweigh the benefits.

Q5:What's in store for the future?

How the heck should we know??? Just actuality even though Bex and I have contact with people from the divine realm they aren't allowed to tell us exactly what the future holds. The reason being that if we are told the details of our futures we might do our best to change it. Even though we have free will here our futures are mapped out as a set of possibilities and probabilities. Our lives are laid out as an extremely complex matrix which is inextricably intertwined with the life matrices of the other people (and animals) in our lives. So you might ask: if our lives are mapped out before hand how do we have free will? Well our real free will comes when we are on the other side planning out and learning about what is going to happen to us while we are living over here. Nothing happens to us without us agreeing to it beforehand. So just like in highschool or college where you decide which courses to take and then once your class starts you are handed the syllabus (course plan), we plan and prepare for our lives before they start. Another thing to consider is this: is there really any existential difference between true free will versus living a predetermined life in which we are unaware of our futures? I would argue "No, if you think about it, there is not". But enough philosophy, here is what we DO know about the future of humanity: the Book of Revelation is perhaps the most accurate book of the Bible. Apparently Lucifer and his minions (physical and spiritual) are going to make one last big effort at establishing their control over humankind. And yes it will involve chaos, antichrists, warfare, and suffering. But just keep in mind that regardless of what happens here we ALL get to go home and live in God's loving grace after each lifetime we spend here - so there's no need to take it too seriously or worry obsessively. Everything will be OK in the end...

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